Trust In The Universe

This week’s contemplations are prompted by a conversation I had with one of my sisters recently (a casual phone convo) about ‘life’ in general. As the conversation evolved we found ourselves meandering curiously down the path and topic of things within our “control”.

We laughed and reflected on some of the things we’d like to think were within this locus; including our desire to control (or manipulate) a happy home life; steer our menu and food preferences towards our own fancy and oversee our day to day living to avoid conflict of any sort. This is great if you truly believe that it will influence your own path to happiness; but then…what would happen if you were to let go, surrender and trust in the universe? How would your life change? What opportunities might present themselves otherwise? Might you come to know YOU in a different light and life in a different light for that matter?

There are only a few things within the realm of our control (contrary to popular belief or executive ego)…and they are our ‘actions’, ‘reactions’ and ‘responses’ to situations, interactions, the constant change and ebb and flow of life.

By a well practiced default, I am often quick to react (in self defence, self preservation or stubborn-ness, I suspect!) only to consider the repercussions of my too hasty response/s after it is out there and cannot be retracted.

Lately, I am finding myself reflect and contemplate how I could have handled a situation differently to perhaps invest more harmony and humour (because this is important).

After many year of practice I am learning (as an Aries and proverbial infant) that these types of reactions (over-reactions) have the capacity to fuel a perpetual pitfall of negative cycling…and I have the means to change my response for a far more mutual outcome…and of course to break that cycle that certainly does not serve a great purpose any longer.

As an enduring personal development advocate and reader (cause they go hand in hand), I recently read some wise words from one of my favourite authors, Donna Farhi in her book “Bringing Yoga to Life” that really resounded with this topic of control.

The word “surrender” leapt from the pages and resonated as the starting point to letting go, finding peace and some freedom to this control dilemma. I find myself practicing more and more on a daily basis how to let go a little more, how to listen a little deeper, how to respond more empathetically as our situation, location and life course has shifted unexpectedly and dramatically.

Change is constant; but really how many of us can truly say we embrace it with 100 percent wholistic embodiment.

Visit Nine Tips to Release Control and Trust the Universe: 

  • Embrace Helplessness
  • Tune Into Love
  • Release What You Cannot Hold
  • Observe Nature
  • Show Gratitude
  • Increase Self -Awareness
  • Listen to Your Intuition
  • Acknowledge Life’s Grace
  • Seek Oneness

Food For Thought
Where might you begin to take control of letting go of control and acknowledging your path to freedom and the sweet fruits that surrender might afford you?

A year ago, you did not know today.
You did not know how you’d make it here.
But you made it here.
By Grace, you made it here.

– Morgan Harper Nichols –

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