10 Travel Musings and Top Tips

With a practice travel run under our belts…in the form of an extended trip to Brisbane; here is what I have taken away thus far and hope to put into practice on our journey around Oz.

Orderly Space and Organisation is Paramount

Living a home life, I often thought about a “where’s my shit” box concept for those moments when you’re looking for something that you know you put somewhere! This idea arose for one of two main reasons …1. the mindless act of placing something in a random spot OR 2. the well-intentioned spring clean (which for me often means reduce clutter substantially; uh oh Mat just asked for his Dick Smith 10 pack battery charger that he hasn’t used in over 5 years…GONE). In other words to keep the peace in such a confined space – everything must have a place and everything in it to keep the feeling of “positive vibrations” alive and well. For us storage saving ideas will become our best friend and being responsible for our own shit – PARAMOUNT. Use it or lose it!

Not every day is about holiday

This concept is worthwhile remembering as not every day of travel is going to be about sight-seeing, selfie-ing and living and capturing candid photo moments. It’s one thing to wake up without the sound of an alarm to remind you of a regular daily work routine…but it’s quite another to live life without this routine and still realise that things are susceptible to constant change, upheaval and emotional blowouts. Remember to accept each moment for all its offerings and worth…and that you are on holidays (where you will be required to work intermittently).

Things Change – Letting Go of Control

I love to be in control (as does Mat (both fire signs)) and sometimes it might border on “control-freak-ness”; however, in the best interests of being an integral and authentic travel partner and partner in general, I am learning (and will continue to do so) that surrendering that control leaves me open to a whole bunch more learning, growth, un-aldult-erated experience  and knowledge. Letting go is A.O.K

Defining Roles NOT Roles that Define

For example partner, aunt, sister, daughter, yoga teacher and eternal student, teacher, foodie and travel blogger (in training) are roles I pride myself on and over time have become proudly proficient at…so, it irks me somewhat that newly appointed roles like navigator and map reader (I mean use a SatNav over me), caravan reversing marshall and caravan tower don’t come naturally. Don’t let these beat you and define you instead learn to work at them and not take yourself so seriously (guilty as charged). Laughter is always a good remedy…

Communication, Communication, Communication

No different from home, really; but expecting that we should know where each others heads are at without confirming and clarifying, rather than second guessing is going to become a lot more uncomfortable in a confined space with nowhere to run. Open, honest and timely communication will go a long way and make for a happy and longer, lasting, loving relationship.  Be authentic in your communication; this also includes honing your listening skills.

Time for Timeout

I thrive on routine, so find that I’m still adjusting to sleeping past 7.00 (ok sometimes 8.00) and feeling torn between maintaining my morning yoga practice (which in my normal everyday world set me up in good stead for the day) and lapping up valuable morning time with Mat (a luxury we rarely enjoyed in our weekly schedules). So I’m learning that our timetables can just be jiggled and juggled around and become and little more flexible and a lot less rigid. The big lesson is “timeout” in whatever form that helps you nurture yourself and everyone around you is still vitally important and should always be guilt free…otherwise what is the point?

Doing without Stuff

I’m looking forward to exploring this one and the opportunity to think outside the box. I have always loved the convenience of a well stocked kitchen – appliances and all and will feel lost without the luxury of power on call (happy however for the lack of a power bill) and the things I love to create in the kitchen. Learning to improvise with the basic minimum is the stuff imagination and creativity is made of. Over the moon for the lack of a television…

Reversing a Caravan is not for everyone

For the time being (maybe the duration) this is Mat’s role and he’s quite exceptional at it.

Living a Minimal Life

Lack of a regular income determines this one completely and the absolute beauty in this is that your ‘needs’ far outweigh your ‘wants’ and come more from a place of partnership as opposed to a personal entertainment. I have a penchant for being reminded of the gifts that living a frugal life bring upon us; allowing for evaluation of what is truly important.

Creating a Budget

We touched on this topic on our way down to Brisbane and well; let’s just say this is work in progress and will be a necessity. More on this when it’s created…

Love and Light Always

Blue Skies and Happy Travelling


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