My Beating Heart

Heading South along the Lasseter Highway about 100k’s from Yulara, we stumble upon (not literally) a significant rock formation out on the horizon to our left.

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Townsville to the Isa

The first big leg of our journey has taken us from Townsville to Mt Isa – almost 900 km’s – much of it undulating road that stretches on endlessly to the questionable mirages that lie ahead.

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Where Life Imitates Art

The new tagline for my website (“where life imitates art”)  is intended as an analogy for the comparisons between the twists and turns of the road ahead (life) and the similarities and observances felt in a yoga practice and your body.

Not always knowing where life will take you is a little daunting (at the best of times) and an unveiling of wonder and adventure often-times. Not that dis-similar from showing up on the mat and wondering just where that practice might lead your body on that given day and adversely…all facets of your day!

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The Only Journey We Travel…Make It Up As You Go!

This blog is intended as a glimpse of life on the road with my constant companion and very best friend, Mat. I hope to convey our journey with all as we get back to basics and our loves and passions.

It is also a foray for me into evolving with Yoga on the Road and a combined technological journey to learn the ropes of negotiating social media, blogging and maybe some toe-dipping into Vlogging at some point on our travels.

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I Think We Should Retire At 50

On the eve of our journey and only weeks after celebrating my 50th, Mat’s words (from close to 4 years ago now) humourously echo – the proclamation of – “I think we should retire at 50!”…”your 50th that is!”. You see, I have 5 1/2 years experience on him; however he’s got it all figured […]

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