Where Life Imitates Art

The new tagline for my website (“where life imitates art”)  is intended as an analogy for the comparisons between the twists and turns of the road ahead (life) and the similarities and observances felt in a yoga practice and your body.

Not always knowing where life will take you is a little daunting (at the best of times) and an unveiling of wonder and adventure often-times. Not that dis-similar from showing up on the mat and wondering just where that practice might lead your body on that given day and adversely…all facets of your day!

Not that long ago, while travelling down the road, I contemplated something that Mat has asked me (on occasion/s) while I am behind the wheel. “Where are you looking?”, a prompt that always has me respond with “but of course; ahead!” Now, ahead as far as the front bonnet of the car or ahead far enough for you to read the roads and know what is going on and how you will respond to that with plenty of time to make the best informed decision and judgement?

Forming an analogy of road travel in a life situation, I realised that as an individual we may fall into either of those categories: Do you look only as far as the bonnet of your car? ie. Put more energy into living life by your immediate surroundings and perhaps responding in that moment as armed as you feel you may be…OR are you the looking as far down the road as you can possibly see kinda person, that has way more time to contemplate all the scenarios, responses and possible outcomes that goes with that foresight.

….and then I realise I have arrived at my destination without recollecting the detail of the landscape…or the drive…

Personally,  I feel that I predominantly look as far as the bonnet (and perhaps just beyond) enjoying that experience for what it is. Sometimes I feel I would be better armed by taking on the “further up the road” approach, because:

1. I am overly spontaneous: leading to making decisions…sometimes rashly; but rarely regret-fully without exploring all facets of the project
2. I am blind-sided by my immediate surrounds: which has the potential to blur my judgement
3. My thought processes become limited: to that very short space of sensory input that I have immediate access to

My yoga is definitely a bonnet practice, allowing me to experience, feel, contemplate and enjoy all facets of the practice for what it is – in that moment.

What kind of traveller of life are you? The “bonnet” or “road ahead” kind of analyst, maybe you have the capacity to indulge in the space in between both.

Food for thought

Happy travelling

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