Townsville to the Isa

The first big leg of our journey has taken us from Townsville to Mt Isa – almost 900 km’s – much of it undulating road that stretches on endlessly to the questionable mirages that lie ahead. They appear mysteriously, waiting to be identified as more than the drop off into an oddly placed seascape (that you might almost be fooled into believing), enticing you on beyond the otherwise dry surroundings.

The landscape changes so drastically and right before you and the harsh reality that this neck of the woods has not seen much in the way of rain is very real. The dry river beds, the lack of cattle grazing, right down to the tumbleweeds in their globular mass being tumbled by the wind across the path of our car are reminders that nature can be harsh and cruel, yet somehow captivating to the senses.

Any journey requires physical, mental, sometimes spiritual (if that’s your thing!) and foresee-able preparation relating to the planning (of that trip, endeavour or goal even) for the best chance of success and forward momentum.

Our travel ideas have dramatically shape-shifted a few times and have gone from feeling like  (if I may use an analogy or two) pushing a boulder up a hill to comfortably flowing downstream, with ‘creature features’ that I never anticipated or expected; however, am growing accustomed to rather quickly.

It seems (now in hindsight) that the journey takes shape when the time is right and the rest follows as a reminder of the arduous work put in. The best laid plans are a reflection of where you arrive and in what condition…always bearing in mind that plans can and may need to be revised according to conditions, priorities and needs.

Our arrival into the town was a welcome relief, after 10 hours on the road seeing a smelter stack standing majestically (alongside two others) was almost reminiscent of arriving back into our home town, Proserpine and its sugar mill stacks…same, same but different industry!

A short stop over with a friend from Airlie Beach, a chance to take in the sights, a yoga class and gathering a feel for the town are all in order.

Also, our last chance before leaving Queensland to ensure our mobile home is as equipped for the roads of corrugation and conditions that lie ahead as best we can envisage and a food inventory and restock before hitting the road again.

Stay tuned for the travel, lifestyle and yoga updates along the way.

Next stop Alice and Uluru

Love n Light


  1. Just read your journey to the “Isa”. I love the way you write Neats…’s not just me sitting here reading words, I go on a little visual journey with you. Can’t wait to travel round Aus with you. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to doing it!! Love ya guts big sis….and love to that gem of a man travelling by your side

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