The Only Journey We Travel…Make It Up As You Go!

This blog is intended as a glimpse of life on the road with my constant companion and very best friend, Mat. I hope to convey our journey with all as we get back to basics and our loves and passions.

It is also a foray for me into evolving with Yoga on the Road and a combined technological journey to learn the ropes of negotiating social media, blogging and maybe some toe-dipping into Vlogging at some point on our travels.

Times have changed, our last adventure overseas almost 10 years ago; began something like this ensuing journey…absolutely no plan other than an arrival point; a mobile phone between us (that rarely was used) and no technology.

It was in the U.K at a dropzone 10 years ago that we both signed up for a Facebook account as a way to keep our friends and family a little more updated than our sometimes 5 weekly updates.

Eighteen months later we arrived home, with adventures and experiences we treasure and hold dear…still; friendships created from sharing community and livelihoods and building a stronger connection with one another through these simple experiences.

This all came about from having no plan.

So without further ado, it goes without saying we are looking forward to sharing our next chapter…of having no plan; other than packing up and getting on the road.

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